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Saul’s Medium. Samuel is Rare.

1 Apr

Chapter 28 of 1 Samuel.

The Lord did not answer Saul’s prayer for guidance in how to deal with the Philistines when they were soon to attack Israel. In total fear, Saul realized that God was not helping him so he turned to the only person he know who could help…well at least he thought he turned to him. He asked some soldiers to find a medium who could contact the spirit world for Saul and help him communicate with Samuel once again. They found her at Endor and brought Saul to her. One interesting thing to note–the medium and Saul were afraid. Both of them had enough fear to cloud their thinking and both seemed to know the consequences for what they were doing even if they didn’t state them, the medium afraid of the one who cleared Israel of necromancers and mediums (who was sitting opposite her in her living room), and Saul afraid of the Philistines, even though he had God’s blessings as the Lord’s anointed. Anyway, the medium called up the spirit of Samuel. I found it funny how the spirit’s description given by the medium caused Saul to bow with his face to the ground. She describes Samuel as a god coming out of the earth and an old man wrapped in a robe. “And Saul knew that it was Samuel” (v. 14).

Just with that description from a medium, in my right mind, I would say that she is giving a run for my money. Samuel was not just any old man wrapped in a robe. A dead prophet of God is not found where evil spirit’s prey on their victims. Saul forgot the instruction of his youth and went in search of truth from the “father of lies,” otherwise known as the devil. Oh if only he would have remembered what he was taught and believed in it with his whole heart.

The news Saul got from the spirit was not good news, stating that he and his sons would die and the Philistines would overcome the Israelites in battle. His diversion from the command of God gave him an answer he did not want, but he believed it to be true because it aligned itself with the fear he already had in his heart for the Philistines. We humans tend to do that too much.

Guard yourselves friends! Take up the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness (justice), the shield of faith, the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, the belt of truth, and the sandals of the readiness given by the gospel of peace (Ephesians 6:14-17). Let nothing deter you from building your relationship with God in the mornings and evenings, every day, because that is what begins/continues the process.